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About Grass River Lodge

By now you, our regular outpost guests, have gotten used to my annual summer report. You know that it is written right from my heart, with no professional touch ups.

When we first came to Grass River Lodge camp I wanted many of the fishing regulations changed. When the Manitoba wildlife personnel asked me how long I planned on staying at Grass River Lodge, my reply was a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 15. Who would have guessed that this coming season would be our 34th year of fly in fishing? It's hard to believe.

More About Grass River Lodge

The fising regulations that we have implemented have been some of the best and most rewarding things we have done. In 1984 we caught 94 northerns over 41 inches, last year the count was 287, with the largest ones 52 inches. Walleye in 1984 were 28 over 28 inches, and this year the numbers were 243, with the largest being 32 inches.

The wildlife management in effect today at Reed Lake, together with the provincial wildlife biologist, has come back with trophy fish in Manitoba, which is the very best in fly-in lodges.

A point of convenience for our guests is also a factor that from Chicago it is only a 24 hour drive. One person paying for 4-6 people airfare alone is $6000-$7000. By driving you can save a bundle of money, and a 24 hour drive is not that bad.

Our facilities are 5 star. The lodge is beautiful and the food is amazing. We have easy access to the local airport for those that choose to fly. For those of you that enjoy a 1 day fly out, we have 3 float planes at the main lodge.

To top off the list of reasons why people have been coming back for the last 25-32 years is because of Liz, not Ike, well I can't argue with that.

If you are waning a more remote experience we have 6 great outpost camps. These have been managed with the same fishing regulation that we have enforced at Reed Lake. When you are at an outpost camp, leave your watch in the cabin and pretend time has stopped. The fishing hours are endless.

By now you can see why Liz and I have such a love for the lodge, our 2 kids grew up there and now our grand daughters are working for us. What a joy (most of the time).

When I look back at our past year and the guests we have had, 90% of them were repeat fisherman. Most of you are no longer guests but we count it a privilege to call you our friends If you have never been with us, Liz and I hope to be able to one day call you friends as well.

Until this summer, God Bless and hope to see you.

Ike & Liz