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Outpost Camps / Flyouts

Outpost Camps / Flyouts

File Lake is approximately 21 miles north of the main lodge, just a 10-15 minute fly in from the main lodge. At the south end of File Lake are 5 cabins, nestled away amongst tall Manitoba timbers. There are 2 cabins on the main land where Morton and File meet. On an island just across from these 2 cabins are another 2 cabins. The 3rd cabin on this island is isolated on the east end of the island camp. This cabin is referred to as the HILTON. It's a log cabin with a fireplace and has the necessities of home; indoor washroom, shower, etc. This outpost is powered by a generator. From the far South end of Morton to the NW tip of File Lake is approximately 15 miles of water.

Our Beautiful Lakes and Great Northern Fishing

What do we need to bring for Outpost Camps?

You need to bring your personal rain gear, warm jacket for early mornings or cool nights, mosquito repellent, personal toiletries, dish towels, dish soap, and don't forget the camera. You bring in your own food. For those who are flying up via commercial airline, fax or email us your grocery list and it will be ready for you at the lodge when you arrive.

**Note to Our Outpost Guests

The weight limit on the flyout lakes is 100lbs per person. This includes the weight of your bags, food, and liquid refreshments. We have to adhere to the regulations set by Canada Transport Committee. We charge $300 if an additional aircraft is needed, so please streamline your gear and let’s fly safe for many years to come!

What are the accommodations like?

The outpost cabins accomodate 6 per cabin. They have propane refidgerator & stove, nice rustic furniture, hot & cold running water to the cabin, central showers, outdoor toilets, outside B-B-Q & deep fryers. The cabins are fully equipped with kitchen supplies.

File Lake

This lake is an Emerald clear water lake. This lake can get very rough on windy days! It is well worth the trip as it has 3 species of fish; Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout. Many of the Walleye run 24” to 28” long, and the Northern Pike run up to 51” long. Early Spring and late Fall is awesome fishing for the Lake Trout ranging between 18"-24" long. The largest trout to date on File Lake is 36” long. We have repeat guests on this lake for 29 consecutive years.

Morton Lake

This outpost is a very unique body of water. It lies to the south of File Lake, approximately 7 miles long and 2 miles wide. It's a darker cooler water and has vast weed beds, islands, and underwater reefs. It is probably the fastest action Walleye fishing you will find in Canada. On an average day you can expect to catch 75-100 fish per boat. Not only good Walleye fishing, but great Northern Pike fishing as well. In the weed beds, sand bars, and bays you’ll catch trophy Pike 41” to 46” long. Over the years that we've been here, the fishing has only gotten improved in size and in numbers!

Corley Lake

This magnificent lake is about ½ hour boat ride at the north end of File Lake. Seven miles through a winding river amidst towering tall pine timbers. Here you will find a tea-colored lake about 2 miles long and it’s a gem! At the mouth of the lake is great Walleye fishing, 18” to 26” long in size, with a seemingly endless amount of them. At the far end of Corley is spectacular Pike fishing, 36” to 43” long.


Lies just to the north of Corley Lake along another windy river. This lake is pretty much untouched waters! Approximately 3 miles wide and 4 miles long. This is an exciting destination for those wanting to explore and discover the trophy fish of their dreams. These fish seldom see a hook. A beautiful lake - nice sand bars, bays, islands, and weed beds. A haven for Walleye and Northern Pike.


Feeding off the northeast corner of File Lake, this lake offers the best Walleye fishing early in the season. In June and July they run from 27”-32” in size. We think it’s the spawning area until it warms up and then they move into File Lake. I have had people fish this lake for 29 consecutive years and still love it like the first day they fished it!


We have 5 different lakes used for 1-day fly outs. We will fly you and your guide to a specific lake right after breakfast so you can enjoy the whole day fishing. These lakes are much smaller. Here we fish definitely bring in the big numbers but also very big fish. These lakes could never sustain a lodge or even a cabin, so we manage them very carefully to keep the fishing exquisite year after year. We allow shore lunch fish only. Sorry, no take home fish from this location. All are about a 12-minute flight from the main lodge. We fly in to pick you up around 5:00 pm This experience lets you see the true North from the air. This is a totally different perspective on Northern fishing. Most of the guests do at least 1 fly out during their stay. You will really enjoy this experience and if you are not happy, then the fly out is free!